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The Tattoo Company was established in 2010 by the renowned tattooer Adam Machin. After dropping anchor in Greece, France and Germany where he was lucky to work with other talented and enthusiastic tattooers such as ‘Pat the Bastard’ of Marseille with whom he shared a rather dubious flat with in Paris. On returning to the UK he worked and lived with the world renowned Bond Family in Torquay.


Adam decided it was time to make the next move and open his own tattoo studio. After one final voyage to Germany to work with the fantastic Diter and Anke of ‘Tattoo Electric’ in Koln, back to Wilmslow he came, and there The Tattoo Company was born.


Adam sailed the sea's and now works in The Three Kings, Brooklyn, New York, leaving The Tattoo Company in the good hands of new owner Laura. A first class tattooer by the name of Olivia joined the crew in spring 2013. She was joined admirably by another tattooer Barbara in October 2014. We are ready, willing and able to deal with any creative adventure you may have. The Tattoo Company is now established as Cheshire's number one studio.

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